"I am ready to guide you through our majestic mountain world and to introduce you

to South Tyrol’s exciting nature, hiking trails, wines and culinary delights.”


Experience the beauty of South Tyrol, its nature, the wild power of the mountains,

its history, tradition and culture. I want to show you all of this and at the same time

give you the opportunity to enter this world and feel what it is like to be right in the

middle of it.


I love the mountains and my homeland. I’ve always appreciated my surroundings and am grateful to live in such a beautiful place. Even as a child, I would go hiking in the mountains every weekend. In my teens, I had other priorities for a few years. But that didn't last long, because the absolute fascination I feel for the mountains, meadows, forests, streams and waterfalls, hamlets, ancient farmsteads and the hospitality of the simple people soon caught up with me again. I wanted to share all this beauty with someone and I decided to become a certified hiking guide. Now I have got everything it takes for bringing you closer to South Tyrol’s nature, hiking trails, wines and culinary delights. I hope you will soon be able to share my enthusiasm for this marvelous place!

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Come with me on:
  • day hikes
  • hiking tours over several days with overnight stays in the lower mountain ranges (farms or other)
  • Wine or beer tastings and typical culinary delights / delicacies (farmer’s own production) ”Törggele” hikes
  • Hikes with special destinations on request

*All associated costs and expenses are paid by the client.