My story - A new life path


My parents owned a company called Industrietechnik GmbH, which produced controllers, sensors and monitors for air conditioning, ventilation and cooling systems. When I was 18, I started working there in production/manufacturing, assembling (with screwdriver, pliers, file etc.) and calibrating the products described above. Two years after, as I saw my father's despair when our accountant quit, I took over the accounting (I have a degree in tourism assistant, but I also studied business accounting for 2 years), human resources, administration, controlling and finance part, which was a great relief for him. A very useful experience for my subsequent jobs and my personal development.


In 2003, my father bought a listed building from the 13th century in need of renovation. This renovation was now my new task. What followed was a fantastic and very instructive time full of challenges. An experience I would never miss! The beautiful, historic premises led my father and me to build a restaurant in the basement and 8 holiday flats...a small residence, so to speak.


After completion, we decided to run the residence and restaurant ourselves with the help of professional staff. I passed an exam to obtained the right qualifications to run this kind of business and worked there as manager. I didn't have a clue about this business, but with the help of my well-trained employees I was able to learn this profession quickly and well. Employees who were more like friends and later as dear to me as my family. We were a really great team, worked hard and had a lot of fun together. During this valuable work experience, I attended wine seminars and learned a lot about nutrition, food, sustainability, hygiene rules and mainly about people. In 2010, my father needed my help to run the family business and I decided to go back as my father's right hand. Eventually, the business was sold to a Swedish company in 2012. I was offered the position of managing director by the main shareholder, which I accepted. I managed the company for 9 years with just over 50 employees and a sales office in Milan.


In 2020, after 32 years of work, I decided to resign and change my life completely. I wanted to get back to nature, to be independent and self-determined. My goal was to turn my hobbies into a profession and to incorporate my accumulated experience. After a short break of about 2 months, I founded my own small company offering motorbike and hiking tours.


And this is now my new life path!


My concept - What I would like to convey and pass on to you:

… to enjoy the beauty of life

… to feel free

… to live in symbiosis with nature and our majestic surroundings


It is time to share experiences, sensations, feelings and expectations, to have fun with others, in short, to make every day a day worth living. Experience the beauty of South Tyrol, its nature, the wild power of the mountains, its history, tradition and culture. I want to show you all of this and at the same time give you the opportunity to enter this world and feel what it is like to be right in the middle of it.